Mrs Aneesa Rashid


Having worked in schools for over 10 years in a variety of roles, I have first hand experience of working with pupils across the age and ability spectrum. My previous roles include Head of Year (5 years), Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Level 3 – leading teaching for groups (5 years), EAL learning mentor (2 years) and Parent Support Advisor (1 year). 

My experience and qualifications give me a unique perspective of a pupil’s learning journey, from young children into thriving adults.

Mrs Alia Arshad


I graduated in Biochemistry from Queen Mary, University of London. My PGCE in KS2/KS3 Science was completed at Newman University. I have been a primary school teacher for over 10 years. 

My passion is to see children excel and challenge them to reach their full potential. I try my utmost best to adapt my teaching methods to cater for the different learning styles of the children. I enjoy tutoring for the 11+ at Broad Horizon as I see the great progression the pupils make.

Mrs Bilkis Lockhat


My journey as a teacher began with my passion to support my local Primary School. This developed into a mentoring role specialising in English for EAL pupils. After completing my first degree I had the opportunity to teach a Reception and a Year 1 class. This instilled confidence in my potential as a teacher and I completed my PGCE to acquire QTS.

During my first few years of teaching, I was tasked to restore community cohesion opportunities: leading interfaith workshops, linking with other schools. Soon after I became part of a team of OTP team and moved onto co-ordinating a subject; focusing on improving Literacy and Numeracy opportunities within Foundation subjects.

I later progressed onto Key Stage 1 Phase Leadership, where I worked closely with the SLT, Assessment and RWI Co-Ordinators to raise standards in Literacy and Numeracy.  In particular I worked on closing the gap for disadvantaged boys as well as extending and challenging the more able.  I strategically implemented high quality teaching and robust personalised strategies, to raise pupil progress. This included focused teaching, gap tasks, peer support, moderations and reflections.  

In 2014 I took a break to start a family.  I have since taken up a variety of roles including teaching online. I am currently a Year 5 teacher and the Primary Computing Co-Ordinator. My teaching methods reach out to all pupils including EAL, SEN and GT learners, as I firmly believe that every pupil has the protentional to succeed. Each person just needs the right support and guidance.

With my robust knowledge of the National Curriculum and the breadth of my experience across subjects and Key Stages I have the versatility to shape and personalise learning for each and every child. I hold a coaching and mentoring approach, ensures smooth progression. My method of adjusted style suits the needs of my students, providing strategic milestones and going the extra length to provide a holistic and successful teaching environment.

Mrs Falguni mistry


I am a dedicated and professional teacher with over 14 years experience in school across KS1 and KS2. I have specialised in working with intervention groups of maths, reading, writing and grammar as well as supporting children who need 1-to-1 learning. I plan my intervention sessions myself which are observed by the leaders of learning.  Working alongside the Heads of Year and Deputy Head of School has strengthened my belief that every child is unique.

I have first hand experience of using Broad Horizon Tuition with my own two children who successfully passed the 11+ and are attending Grammar Schools.

I love teaching and making a difference in the lives of children who may not believe they have the potential to achieve. My coaching style of teaching helps children develop their thinking and problem solving by providing techniques to build confidence to create a positive learning culture.

I am passionate about bringing 11+ to life in a meaningful and exciting way!

Mrs Jahura Chowdhury


I have a passion for teaching and have a wide range of experience in this area. Through my experience with putting my own children through 11+, I know just how much of a demanding and difficult process it can be for both the child and the parents and therefore think it is of the utmost importance to have a tutor with a full understanding of the area and how crucial it is to have a patient and experienced tutor who can handle all levels of the 11+. 

I personally believe that the foundation of education act as the building blocks for the rest of their education and so this is the area I personally aim to help them to develop in. For example, year 3 is a vital stage where the children’s abilities can be stretched and they can learn new skills. Additionally, through tutoring my own children from a young age, they all managed to get into grammar schools, so I know exactly what to expect at such a critical time.

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